Ch. Moonhill Dohse Drinks R On Us x Greiner Hall Violet, CGC TDI
Born June 13, 2007

Year 1
Tipsy has her own page....
Blu 10 months
Blu 12 Months
Blu 1 Year and 1 day.... Just Beautiful
Blu aka Blue Girl 10 Months
Bailey 11 Months
Bailey aka Furry Murray, he was the runt of the litter. You can see by 11 months he has caught up to the rest of the pack and can no longer be called the Lil' Guy!  Don't ever rule out the small guy!
Ruth 10 Months
Ruth - 10 Months standing so alert....
Sarge 1 Year
Sarge 1 Year
Sarge 1 Year
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