Lexi was our first Mastiff who came into our lives on 9/30/00.
She was a rescue and we never could have expected to learn all she taught us. She was our first love and will never be replaced. On November 4, 03 we sent her to the Rainbow Bridge until we may meet again.
You are sadly missed!
Lexi and Dee
Lexi and Andy
Lexi's favorite times, sleeping with Dad
Lexi and Anna
Mom and Lexi at Letchworth State Park
Lexi's Couch
Lexi and Anna shortly
before her last day.
My second favorite place to be when I'm not sleeping in bed with Dad.
Lexi and Max
Thank you for your love Lexi
Lexi and her favorite friend Max, Bring it on!
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Lexi and Max friends from the start!
What Lexi taught us....
1- I don't like little dogs and they are yummy!
2- When your not home and I'm not in a crate, I enjoy breaking screens and hanging my body half way out to watch everyone go by.
3- When your not home I will open the closet doors, and eat my favorite cereal, include Tony the tiger.
4- I also enjoy opening gatorade, and most importantly opening vegetable oil. Did you know that will make me really shiny and if you pet me I will secrete oil through my hair folicles for weeks.
5- When you are home and not paying attention to me I will jump on the counter and eat bread, and anything else I can get my paws onto.
6- Rimadyl really does taste good and an entire bottle tastes good going down, but not so good coming back up. Dad didn't catch me in time when I decided to eat that bottle of about 20. The charcoal later, not so much fun!
7- Since the Rimadyl didn't kill me I sadly come down with bone cancer a few weeks later and my Mom and Dad then allowed me to eat what ever I wanted to make me comfortable for my last days.

Lexi was the sweetest people friendliest dog I ever met even though she was obviously abused before we got her. She taught us about unconditional love and trained us in so many ways. Those few things don't do her justice, but they are  some of the most memorable.

If you ever want to hear about her taking someone for a long run/drag  ask her Uncle Donnie.

We Love You Always LD and Thank You for the Many Memories, Mom and Dad.