Dozer's Daddy,
Ch. Fantasy's DDA Thunderstruck
Mommy Lulu
Ch. Lazy D's Moonhill Moonshine, CGC,TDI
Dozer's Health Testing
DOB 10/25/03
CERF - Normal  04 & 06  Cardiac - Normal
Patellas - Normal     Thyroid - Normal
Hips - Good            Elbows - Normal
Cystinuria - Clear

Kiley and her Dozie
Dozer January 27, 07
Multiple BOB, Multiple Group Placements
From 1/1/07 - 2/28/07 # 3 Mastiff All Breed
Dozer Group 2
Group 2 Feb 2007, Thank you Val and Judge Constance Barton!
Dozer Dohse is so special to us. He certainly doesn't realize he is a dog. He gives you unconditional love and most importantly, he can be trusted in any situation. His biggest downfall in the ring is his calmness. His calmness is one of his best qualities at home and around town. Don't get me wrong, he has a wild hair from time to time, but he is truly a Love. 

Thank you for being a part of our family Dozie,  We love you!
Dozer's Offspring
Ch. Moonhill Dohse Drinks R On Us, CGC, TDI
Dozer Dohse
10/25/03 - 2/11/11

Dozer Aug 08
Dozer's 5th Birthday
Dozer 6 years Old