Sweet Anna Belle CD CGC
7/13/2002 - 2/9/2012
Anna short for Anniversary was born 7/13/02 the day we got married.
She was meant to come live with us to start our new life together. .

Anna has her CGC Canine Good Citizen and 
CD Companion Dog title in obedience.
Anna and Lexi
Anna and Lexi the first day they met.
Kiley and Anna Nov 2005
Anna and Andy
This is my couch, if your not going to get off I'm going to join you.
Anna and Dee
Our first Dog Match during the sit stay.
I'm finally growing into my body.
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Kiley and Anna Belle
Tank and Anna
Tank and Anna Belle 12/30/06
Sweet Anna Belle has a very soft personality. She is the princess of the family (next to Kiley ofcourse). She lives on the couch or the bed and can easily slip into the bed without  us knowing at night. She is a good girl and loves to cuddle.  Dozer just adores Anna and follows her around everywhere. He has actually taught her how to relax and play!

Her name fits he perfectly, Anna has her CD in obedience and her CGC.

Anna 5 Years Old
Anna 5 Years Old
Anna 5 Years Old , Happy Birthday Sweet Girl